Privacy in the processing of personal data of Darment Oy

We at Darment Oy appreciate your privacy; We protect your privacy and personal information, as well as the information associated with them, by means of agreements and various technical means.

We are also transparent and open with regard to the information to be collected and its use. In our processing of personal data, we comply with data protection legislation.

 Name of the registry
Darment Oy Customer and Marketing Register

Controller and authorized handlers
Darment Oy, FI09368269, Ruosilantie 18, 00390 HELSINKI
MP-Tietosovellukset Oy (contract), Employees (contracts)

Contact person in registry matters
Eeva Makkonen, eeva.makkonen (at), tel. +358 50 340 1367

Personal Data Processors
Company employees to the extent required by the job description.

Separate data processing agreements
have been made with MP-Tietosovellukset Oy (system vendor) and staff.

Purpose of the treatment
Carrying out the tasks of maintaining, managing, delivering, invoicing and communicating with the customer.

Processing criterion
Data processing in Darment Oy is based on a legitimate interest.

A description of groups containing personal data in the customer register
1. Customers, 2. Suppliers

Personal Data Groups
Customers are not classified based on their personal information.

Deleting data
Personal information is permanently deleted and updated on the basis of company and personal self-declarations. Darment Oy's registry updates have an annual schedule that updates the register's data from the customer's and the public's and / or Asiakastieto Oy's sources (by separate agreement). The customer may request a written registration certificate from his contact person at no charge. Requests for change are always executed immediately.

Collecting information
Customer information is collected based on incoming orders and customer information. The personal information collected in this context is: name, phone number, email address.

Disclosure of information
Customer register information has not been disclosed to third parties. However, corporate mailing addresses, e-mail addresses, and contact name information may be provided by a separate agreement for one-off printing, such as direct mail. A contract with a printing / printing and / or mailing company will be made at each time for the donation, printing, data protection and secrecy, and the method of address destruction.

Customer register protection
Only employees who have the right to handle customer information for their work are eligible for the use of the personal data system. Each user has their own username and password for both the device and the system. Data is collected in databases that are protected by a firewall, user IDs, passwords, and other technical means.

We retain personal information as long as it is necessary for the operation of the business. The personal data in the Customer and Marketing Register will be deleted when requested by the Customer or if the information used for marketing activities is identified as outdated or inoperative.

We assess the need for data retention within the framework of up-to-date legislation. In addition, we take all reasonable steps to ensure that the data subject does not keep incompatible, outdated or erroneous information / personal data in relation to the purpose of the processing. We will correct or destroy such information promptly.

Description updated: 27.02.2019.